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    The Central Chamber of Commerce is a group of men and women working together for the betterment of the business environment and the community.  This organization is the product of the metamorphosis of The Central Area Business Association (CABA) shortly after the incorporation of the community of Central.  Its membership has grown to over 300 businesses and is constantly working to embellish the quality of life and the economic well being of The City of Central.

    The Central Chamber sponsors many community events throughout the year.  These activities include: The Awards Banquet, The Krewe de Centrale’ Mardi Gras Ball, the annual Golf Tournament, the Back to School Prayer Banquet, and the ever popular Central Christmas Parade and Festival.  In addition, its members widely support and promote activities and organizations such as:  Cooking In Central, Blue Star Moms, Central High Academic Letter Jacket Program, Central Food Bank, Veterans, The National Day of Prayer and many more.  The Chamber published the First Street Map for the city, and produces a Central Business Directory / Telephone Book annually.

    The chamber membership meets monthly.  These meetings are held as luncheons or dinner gatherings and feature guest speakers and offer networking opportunities for those in attendance.  Business members conduct Business after Hours, Ribbon Cuttings, and Grand Opening celebrations promoted and sponsored by the Chamber. 

    The Central Chamber of Commerce operates under the direction of President/ CEO, Mr. Ron Erickson.  A Board of Directors consisting of sixteen members assists the President/CEO under the leadership of Mr. Tim Lazaroe who serves as the Chairman of The Board.  The Ambassador Council consisting of volunteer professionals support the development and growth of the Chamber by enhancing public relations and communication endeavors.  Under the direction of Ms. Juanita Ross, they work on member retention, attracting new members, and serving as business liaisons to members of the City of Central Chamber of Commerce.

    The mission of The Central Chamber of Commerce is to guide, inspire and promote the business and professional interests of its members and to enhance the economic, cultural and recreational opportunities of the citizens of Central. The Chamber serves as a source of information for those interested in locating their business or moving their family to Central.  Through much hard work, dedication and devotion, the Central Chamber of Commerce has become “The Front Door To Our Community”.

    For information on Chamber Membership or becoming an Ambassador contact the Chamber Office at (225) 261.5818.

The City of Central
Chamber of Commerce
Juanita Ross, Ambassador


  1. Mike Mannino

    June 29, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    This is a great organization and they support some good causes. But there needs to be some cleaning up internally or they will lose credibility. You cannot have members using the organizations name as cover, that threaten people or business’s. I would encourage the CEO and Board President to make a public example of these people to show that they are serious about their reputation and that this is not political. Otherwise, they will never have the respect of the majority of the community, only the support of a small controlling group.

  2. Tim Lazaroe

    June 30, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Manino, I’ve asked you several times to give me specific examples of the misdeeds that these unnamed Chamber reps are supposedly doing to unnamed businesses. Instead, you continue to throw rocks at the Chamber and hide behind your “must protect the innocents’ BS”. Once again, I ask you to provide specific examples and I promise to handle it. Until you are able to do so, all you are doing is slandering the Chamber and those who busts their butts to serve the community through this great organization.

    You have accused the Chamber of “harassing” businesses who continue to advertise in your newspaper. You know this, but would never admit it: The Chamber’s Board of Directors includes a very diverse membership – which also includes some member businesses who continue to advertise in your paper. Does that make sense?……If the Chamber leadership is harassing your newspaper customers, then are these Board members supposedly harassing themselves? These guys (our Board members who advertise in your paper) are obviously on your side and have the authority to initiate change from within our organization. I encourage you to start with them and see what they say.

    As previously requested, I would appreciate a direct contact from you so that we can work this out in a less public forum. You have my number: It’s the same one that was included in my private email message that you illegally obtained and then posted on your Facebook site.

    Tim Lazaroe

  3. Because I Care

    June 30, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    I’m curious here! I didn’t realize that Mike Manninno had a newspaper and even Chamber of Commerce members who advertise in Mike Manninno’s newspaper! What is your role in the Chamber of Commerce again, Tim Lazaroe?

    • dave

      June 30, 2011 at 9:46 pm

      Because I Care,
      I probably dropped the ball here by allowing your post to stand. Let me restate policy. If you want to post about concepts and share your ideas, feel free to post under a screen name. If you want to engage people by name or talk about specific people, you must use your real name. Please play that way oin the future.
      To address your question, Mr. Mannino by his own admission is a very vocal supporter of the Central City News. Referring to “his” paper is probably similar to the LSU fan that refers to the Tigers as “My Team”. You get the idea.

  4. Alton R Ashford

    June 30, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Mike I have been reading posts on the non site for about a month wondering what others in central are thinking.(guess i’m considered a lurker, LOL) I have come across a few posts by people who say they have received threatening emails from various sources concerning stances or comments they have made publicly. What I can’t understand is that they never reveal who the culprits are, yourself included. If you are being threatened or bullied, wouldn’t revealing the offenders publicly cause this harassment to stop. What good does a public blanket statement about threats accomplish other than a bunch of suspicions or doubts? Unless of coarse some are making a mountain out of a mole hill. If these things are happening shouldn’t the community know about this?

  5. Tim Lazaroe

    June 30, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    “Because I Care”….. If you want to interact with me you’re going to have to use your real name.

  6. Mike Mannino

    June 30, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    First Tim several of these incidents have been discussed very openly on here and facebook by those who are not scared of the tactics. I’m not researching for you, go back and look it up. Secondly, you have no idea how many emails I get about things going on out here and people afraid to come forward. They wish to remain anonomous and I will not betray their confidence. They stil have business’s out here and are scared of the retaliation. If anyone doubts that someone has threatened my job and my wifes job, thats your problem. It happened, I can throw a name out for the threats against me and I assume this person also is responsible for what happened to my wife and many others, but without revealing too much I can tell you your side doesnt want me to do that because it will turn things upside down out here. Suffice it to say I can prove it in court and have elected not to do anything about it in the best interest of Central. I’m going to leave it to this person to contact you and tell you to back off before you tick me off and I do reveal it. As far as your other comments, I dont own a newspaper. I do consider the editors of both papers friends though Dave and I do get quite worked up about things some times. AS far as CCN, yes I do tend to support the editor because his political beliefs most closely align with mine. And that goes wayyyy back before I knew Woody Jenkins personally and certainly before he knew me. So Im not a Johnny Come Lately when it comes to supporting Woody. Its not personal, I dont gain anything, I just admire the man for his beliefs, his convictions,his knowledge of politics and coolness under fire.

    AS to your last comment about getting something illegally, I did no such thing and I resent you saying that. You get one free shot at me but thats it. You make another accusation like that and you have elevated things so I will leave the decision to you.

  7. Because I Care

    June 30, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Dave, you are right. I had forgotten about your policy stated back in early May regarding not mentioning names of others in comments unless the one making the comment is willing to use their own real name, rather than a pseudonym. I just went back and reread your policy again regarding this to refresh my memory. I do remember now that you set this as your policy at that time, and I remember thinking that this was a very good and solid policy! I do admire your stand in that regard. It does make for more civil discourse! My apologies! Feel free to remove the post with my full understanding of the need to do so in order to uphold a very good policy! Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Tim Lazaroe

    July 1, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Yep Mike….. You have posted several times that business owners have reported to you that they are being harassed, but you never publicly mention any specifics. In an offline conversation you gave me two names – and nothing more. One of those individuals very rarely (I cannot remember last) attends Chamber functions – so he can hardly be accused of doing ANYTHING on behalf of the Chamber. On the other hand I see him at every church function. If we apply your logic (attacking the organizations that he participates in) it would be more accurate to state that St. Alphonsus is attacking businesses. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that’s YOUR logic at work.

    Instead of dealing with the individuals who you disagree with, you have apparently decided to do battle with any organization that these guys belong to. That’s unfortunate and it very well may backfire on you. We have a lot of very good people in the Chamber and in its leadership. And, as previously stated, some of them advertise in your paper. Attacking the organizations that your customers participate in is not good business.

    As for the illegally posted email…… We discussed this when it first occurred, but apparently it needs to be mentioned again: That message WAS NOT SENT to the entire 300-member Chamber body. It was sent only to the Board members. There was nothing improper in it – it simply informed the board that we were under attack on your Facebook site and I asked that they not respond to those attacks. My reason for asking them not to respond was because you guys do an awesome job of twisting such messages and making them suit your own needs. That’s exactly what you did when my email TO THE BOARD MEMBERS was unlawfully posted by you. And, doing so is definitely illegal since the person who transferred it you was not an intended recipient – rather someone with access to her boss’s email account.

    Mike, I sure wish that we could settle this in a less awkward way than posting messages on a forum. But, I’m beginning to suspect that your goal here is not to settle anything, but rather to attempt to tear something down.

  9. Mike Mannino

    July 1, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Tim if it takes tearing down every organization out here that is not serving in the best interests of the majority of the citizens, and by that I mean the average homeowner, then thats what we will do because we are not being heard. The Chamber has some very good, upstanding citizens that thankfully dont support this stuff and they are in the majority. Some of these groups cater to a select few and not to those of us that are the majority. Do you think real estate agents, developers, and builders are looking out for our best interests ? They have one objective, to sell, develop and build more and more out here for us, the taxpayers to support with additional taxes. Just one example. Now you have just admitted that I have shared some names with you yet you get on here and accuse me of not being forthcoming. Thank you for clarifying that on here. My objective was not to publicly embarrass these people it was for you to work the problem. I could get a lot more mileage out of posting it all over these pages but I choose not to. Lastly, I have no idea what you are talking about as far as where that email came from. As I have told you many times, all of you need to be aware that many people that are laughing with you and putting on a front they support all this are the very ones feeding me all this information because they dont like whats happening either. And finally, you being in law enforcement should know that your accussations of the method I received these communications is illegal is a joke. Nothing was marked confidential, no attempt to classify it as such, it doesnt say for your eyes only, NOTHING indicating it was not to be forwarded or distributed. So I would appreciate it if you would stop insinuating that however I got it was illegal. I can think of many things that have happened out here that come much closer to being illegal than this that some of you have defended. Is is almost comical how defensive you are about this but I guess its not quite as innocent as you claim it to be so I can understand.

    • dave

      July 1, 2011 at 1:43 pm

      I have removed the discussion posts under this article with the consent of all posters. When a discussion of a concept or idea becomes a heated argument between two individuals, I encourage them to take the argument to private messages or email and I ask whether they would like to leave their posts on the site or remove them. I only remove them if they consent to it. I believe everyone has a right to step back and view a discussion and decide it is best removed, even if they still feel their stance is valid. The removing of these comments does not indicate that anyone acted inappropriately, only that they felt it was in the best interests of Central and of meaningful discussion of issues.

  10. Alton R Ashford

    July 3, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Dave feel free to remove my comments since they seem to be out of context since the others have been removed

  11. Harry Rauls

    July 4, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Mr. Freneaux,
    I love it when you on your soapbox. You have my permission to take down all comments.

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