Rep. Richardson’s Comments on Session at Final Legislative Adjournment

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Submitted by Rep. Richardson’s Office

    State Rep. Clif Richardson, R-Baton Rouge, announced that the legislature has rewarded his efforts with the passage of House Bill195.

    “By now, everyone has read about the passage of our $24.9 billion budget, and how we successfully addressed a $1.6 billion shortfall without selling state prisons and the Office of Group Benefits,” Rep. Richardson said.  “More than 900 bills were filed this session with 429 completing the process.  The Governor has signed 201 bills to date.  And voters will have five constitutional amendments to consider on the ballot this fall,” Richardson said.

    “But the proudest moment for me, when the session ended the evening of June 23,  was to see that both houses of the Legislature approved House Bill 195, which addresses an epidemic of copper theft in the state.  It’s astonishing the lengths these thieves will go and the risks they take to steal copper.  Thieves steal copper from homes and businesses, and even power lines and utility substations are targeted.  My bill requires second hand buyers or scrap dealers to keep a record of their purchases  which would be made available for inspection by law enforcement.  Secondhand dealers would also be prohibited from buying junk from minors.  Sellers would be required to sign a statement of ownership.  The legislation requires payment by check, money order or electronic transfer and calls for daily reports.  Finally, House Bill 195 provides for violations and penalties,” Richardson said. “I am very pleased that law enforcement will now have the means to track the sale of stolen copper, and I believe that House Bill 195 will help to slow down copper theft.  I thank  all parties involved whose spirit of cooperation made the passage of this legislation possible,” Rep. Richardson added.  “It’s the end of the 2011 Regular Legislation Session and beginning of summer, which is a natural time to reflect on accomplishments but also a time for me to create a list of things to do.  I welcome constituents of House District 65  to communicate with me so that you can make your concerns known and help me and my colleagues with our jobs to improve public policy.”

    Rep. Richardson is a member of the Civil Law and Procedure, Education, and Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs Committees.   He is a member of the Capital Region Legislative Delegation, the Louisiana Republican Legislative Delegation, and the Louisiana Rural Caucus.

    Rep. Richardson may be reached at his district office at (225) 261-5739.

    To learn more about the status of bills passed this legislative session, go to the Legislature’s web site at:

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