Local Students Cast in “Little Town” Film

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Submitted by Tina Kaufman

  Ashleigh Martin, Brock Kaufman and Rain Catoire traveled to Celtic Media Center for the month of June to the Motion Picture Film Camp hosted by Casting Director Aaron Williams.

    The three students learned pre-production, script writing, story development, video recording on set and landed lead roles in the movie Little Town. The film camp taught everything Hollywood style. Ashleigh Martin cast as Betty the best singer in town, Brock Kaufman as Sheriff Pride trying to keep law & order in the town and Rain Catoire as Vegetarian also known as The Veg! 

    All three young actors are Central residents. Brock and Rain will attend Central Middle School in the fall and both are Talented Drama students. Ashleigh attends Northwestern Middle school and is a Talented Drama student.

    The film will premier in August and you can visit the site and catch clips from the inside, dates and ticket information at MPDFILMCAMP.ORG.  The film is a western, so get ready for some action!!

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