Joan Lansing Honored at Republican Women First Anniversary Celebration

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Submitted by Betsy Barnes, RWC;  Photo by Expressions Photography

    Mrs. Joan Lansing, founding president of the Republican Women of Central for 2010-11, was honored during the first anniversary celebration of the club held Wednesday night at Elegant Memories.

    Much to her surprise, Lansing received unexpected awards of recognition for her years of commitment to conservative Christian values, volunteer public service and leadership in the community, parish and state. Among the many contributions Lansing made to her hometown has been initiating grassroots support and organizations to better the lives of families, from childcare to political activism.

    In the eyes of many, Lansing has made a very positive, progressive impact on the lives of Central's citizens in such a way to be an admired example of what one person on a mission can do – encouraging young women and men that their efforts and commitment to honesty and dedication can make a difference.

    For many who may not realize it, the formation of RWC was begun by Mrs. Joan Lansing and friends who wanted to be a strong voice to support Republicans from Central in leadership positions. Just as importantly, RWC seeks to inform and motivate apathetic citizens to vote and help support a Republican candidate for President in 2012.

    “I have been asked why I was so dedicated to starting a Republican Women’s Club in Central.  The answer is simple.  I didn’t like the road our country was traveling down,” Lansing explained.

    “While visiting with State Rep. Clif Richardson in early 2009 discussing local, state and national affairs, and expressing my desire to make a difference, the topic of forming a Republican Women’s came to the forefront,” she said.

    Starting a Republican women’s group began by asking a few like-minded women to help: Diane Richardson, Tommie Morden, Deana Vickry, Ginger Moak, Barbra Guyon, Amber Matherne Martel, and Betsy Hooper, meeting for the first time at Richardson’s office on Joor Road.

    This event commemorated RWC’s first year as a chartered club May 10, 2010 in Louisiana Federation of Republican Women (LFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).

    When asked to help honor Lansing in some way, the following elected officials were eager to participate, offering an award from their respective offices:

State Representative Clif Richardson spoke about his long-time friendship and respect for Lansing and her history and energy to stand up for what she believed in. Richardson, State Rep. Bodi White and State Senator Dale Erdey praised Lansing for her support, encouragement and ability to enlist citizens for help when needed. Lansing was presented with a Commendation from the Louisiana House of Representatives.

City of Central Mayor Mac Watts presented Lansing with a key to the City of Central and proclamation of appreciation for years of service to the newly annexed city. He expressed his deep gratitude for the selfless time and energy she has given.

Mike Walker, Mayor Pro-Tempore and Metro Councilman of the EBRP City/Parish presented Lansing with a Proclamation and Key to the City of Baton Rouge and the parish.

EBRP Clerk of Court and Central native Doug Welborn presented Lansing with a special designation as an honorary Clerk of Court. He also spoke of Lansing’s devotion to her community and his appreciation for her.

    Her story is one of a leader in the making, choosing to lead by example with a hands-on approach in church, school and family. Among her many contribution to leadership are Lansing accomplishments:

•           Co-founder and state Chairperson of Louisiana Professional Association of Childcare (LAPAC) now named Child Care Association of Louisiana (CCAL);

•           Served 3 terms as President of Central Area Business Association (CABA) which became the City of Central Chamber of Commerce and is currently a member;

•           Chairwoman of Senior Adult Ministry Team at Zoar Baptist Church;

•           Lobbied state legislature and US Congress on pro-family issues;

•           Appointed by Gov. Kathleen Blanco and then elected to serve a term on the City of Central City Council – the first and only woman to do so;

•           Currently serves on the Board of Directors for Lane Regional Medical Center

•           Member of Red Hatters

•           Active volunteer for Relay for Life in Central

•           2010 and 2011 President of the Republican Women of Central chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women

Growing up as the oldest of four sisters and members of Zoar Baptist Church, she often refers to the strength and moral character she learned from the women role models in her life – her beloved mother, aunts and extended family.

    Lansing graduated from Central High School and Southeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree. As a wife to the late Fred Lansing, they raised their family in Central, committed to improving family life for others. She is most proud of her three sons, Steven, Scott and Bob Lansing, their wives and her 11 grandchildren. She was always known as a devoted mother, present and involved in their many academic and sports activities.  

    As a native to Central, she continues to be an educator in many endeavors. She taught biology at Live Oak High School. She worked as a Lab Tech at Stanocola Medical Center. She then became the Director of Child Care Center at Zoar Baptist Church which grew steadily, and later started Central Child Care Center in 1985 as owner and director. 

    Lansing “retired” in 1997, and continued to be very active in many areas of life in Central.

    Mrs. Joan Lansing exemplifies “leading by example” in every endeavor, tirelessly giving of her time and energy to her hometown, the City of Central she loves so dearly.

    For more information on RWC, upcoming events and to be on a member, email, visit the website at or Facebook by the same name. Annual membership is $35 per year and all registered Republicans are welcomed to join.

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