Central’s Top 10 Taxpaying Businesses of 2009

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From the City of Central

    The following businesses were the top ten taxpayers in Central from January to December of 2009.
1  Wal Mart Supercenter
2  Winn Dixie          
3  Oak Point 
4  Walgreens
5  CVS Pharmacy    
6  Central Drug Store          
7  McDonald’s         
8  Murphy USA       
9  Sammy’s Grill     
10 Pat’s Home Center of Central
The top 10 taxpayers total collections were $2,883,946.45.

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  1. Jimmy J

    July 22, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    I am so glad to see Central Drug Store make this list. I realize it might not be a ‘popular’ list to make since it is about taxes but it does show that the business is growing and doing great. I know ‘Pete’ would be so proud of the business that has grown from his start.
    So congrats Mr. Claude, Mr. Mike, Ms. Barbara, Ms. Jill and all the other staff. You know what CUSTOMER SERVICE is all about and there are a lot of us who appreciate you more then you know.

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