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The Open Door of Opportunity

Do you believe that serving God is an adventure? I do. While much of our time is filled with the usual life sustaining activities; working, getting kids off to school, taking the dog to the veterinarian, shopping, cutting the grass and such, we should be aware that there is more to life than accomplishing these important tasks. Occasionally, probably more often than we acknowledge, God tries to interrupt our routine with His program of the unexpected. Usually that happens with what the Apostle Paul called an opened door.

On the other side of the opened door lies a path that leads away from the norm. Taking the first step down that path means that we have begun an excursion into the purposes of God; at that point, there is no looking back. The good thing is we never know where or when the door to such an adventure will open. What we do know is that going through the opened door will allow us to serve others and make an impact in our world for His kingdom. Our world is filled with many people who need to experience what each of us has to offer and with many opportunities to put our unique special gifts to work.

The famous baseball player turned philosopher Yogi Bara once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” We could adapt that just a bit and say, “When we arrive at a door God has opened, go through it.”

Bless you,
Pastor Bill Parsons
Central Worship Center

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  1. Because I Care

    August 2, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    An adventure, for sure! Discerning that God has truly opened a door that may lead you down a path that may have you “going against the flow” of this world can sometimes be both frightening and liberating at the same time. The courage to move forward through that door, once you are sure that it is the Lord that has opened that particular door, comes from depending on the Holy Spirit and abiding in Christ Jesus. Henceforth, continuing to move forward on that path in the courage that comes from the Holy Spirit and abiding in the Word becomes very liberating in itself! The freedom to live for Christ and not be caught up in the misguided value system of the world is liberating indeed!

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