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Central Proud!

I have just returned from a Central Town Hall Meeting at Central High School with 200 Central citizens and Senator David Vitter. Obviously none of us could say we are happy about the financial predicament our country is in. It seems to me that many in Washington must have failed kindergarten mathematics, i.e., income must be greater than outgo!

However, as I sat there in the gym, my mind wandered in more positive directions as I took in the sights and sounds around me. May I share a few! A wonderful school system – administration, teachers, students, and new facilities! A growing business community well represented by the Chamber of Commerce! I thought about how accessible our city leaders are if we want to express our opinions! A balanced city budget with a reserve account! I thought about the pothole on my street that recently was repaired! How we recently made a change in city services, and, as far as I know, it seemed like a smooth transition. Most of all I looked around at the people! I have not met any perfect people in Central – perhaps I will one day! But the ones I have met are good, solid, kind, conservative people who love their families, pay their bills, work for a living, and are interested in the welfare of others!

On the way back to work, I passed Zoar Baptist Church where they were holding the memorial service for a great Central hero, Donald Ray Kennard! I thank God for men like him who have served their city so admirably for so many years, and I thank God for pastors like Dr. Kevin Hand and churches like Zoar!

I am concerned about all the political shenanigans going on in Washington! I pray that meaningful solutions will be found in the years ahead to insure our financial success as a country. At the same time, I must say, "I am Central proud!"

Dick Metz – Cornerstone Fellowship

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