Customer Service Thrives in Central

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Letter to the Editor

This article is to compliment and congratulate the businesses of Central, but more specifically, Lewis’ Wrecker Service (9555 Joor Road) and Central Automotive & Tire (11575 Sullivan Road) for outstanding customer service. One recent Friday afternoon, I was in need of assistance in getting not one, but two tires replaced on my car due to an incident which, thankfully, happened in Central. I immediately called my insurance roadside assistance for a wrecker and was told that I would have a long wait. I then called Lewis’ Wrecker Service here in Central and, within 15 minutes, they arrived. After my car was loaded on to their truck, and I might add, with a lot of care and caution, they proceeded to find a business that would help me on a Friday afternoon. After several attempts, we were fortunate to find Central Automotive still open and willing to keep my car overnight to be serviced the next day. The next morning at 8:15, Central Automotive called my home to tell me that my car was ready to be picked up! I was so surprised, especially in light of the fact that I knew the tires had to be ordered and delivered before they could install them!

My pride in our community has grown even more, because of the amazing care and compassion of these two businesses. They both went "above and beyond" their duty to me as a customer, but more so, as a resident of Central!

We moved to Central in 1974, and I am more convinced every day that this is a community of people who care for each other and who work together to keep our City the wonderful place that it is!!



Joanie Battle

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