Donald Ray Kennard – A Friend and a Mentor

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It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to a great friend and mentor. Mr Donald Ray meant so much to me as I grew up in Central. The many times he would cross the street and meet with my grandfather, Mr. Jake Tate, I would go over and listen to stories of Central and Politics and many other things that were going on. I remember the times going to his house during Christmas and Santa (Donald Ray) would be there with gifts for us kids.

As I grew up and took an interest in Central and Politics we spoke many times about things and what was going on in the area. Many times I would seek his opinion on things going on out here in Central. There were so many times that he would call me or write or come up to to me and just ask how I was doing and how everyone else was. I will miss those calls and letters I received from Mr. Donald Ray.

He was never known to me as Representative Kennard or Sir, it was just Donald Ray to us. So many times I would be somewhere and I would hear "AAAAron what are you doing?" Just like my mom he would emphasize the "AA" in my name just to joke around with me.

My heart goes out to Mrs. Mona, Robin and Stacy. You are in my thoughts and prayers. To the Honorable State Representative Mr. Donald Ray Kennard, I will miss you very much. Your words, advice and mentoring will be with me forever. Thank you for your friendship and guidance all these years. You will be missed.

Councilman, Friend, Neighbor,

Aaron Moak

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  1. Because I Care

    August 11, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    Councilman Moak, thanks for sharing this tribute in honor and memory of Representative Donald Ray Kennard! God Bless! May we continue to build on the foundation for Central that Mr. Kennard helped to build through his Christian character, commitment to Central and the larger populace that he represented, and true concern for others!

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