CAPA Corner: Words of Encouragement from the Central Area Pastors Association

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Knowing God is the point, right? It's the reason God came down as man; the reason we have 'Holy script'; it's the very reason God the Holy Spirit dwells within believers. So, what about it, how well do you know God?
If knowing God and entering to a relationship with Him is the point-and it is-then understanding a little about his nature would surely help-agreed? Consider this; God stands poised at this very moment, ready to overwhelm you with his love. Jesus, while talking to the crowds following him  tells a great story to illustrate this very point.  The story is about a father who has two sons. Both sons' have a strained relationship  with their dad, to say the least. One is rebellious the other bitter. But through out this beautifully unfolding story emerges the powerful unassuming love of the father. He lets the rebellious son leave but longs for the day he can grab hold of him again. Then having his baby back he withstands the venom spewed at him from the older son redirecting that anger toward a new reality-at least for the son-and that is;'everything I have is yours!'
Here it is: knowing God is made possible only because he's the type who just won't quit loving.

Dale Phillips
Pastor, Comite Baptist

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