Central High Band Rocks the ’70s

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    Mr.  Bordelon is excited.  He has a brand new band room and a brand new program for the “Spirit of Central” marching band.  The band room has been extensively renovated for the first time since the building was built in 1974!  It features state of the art sound baffles on the walls.  “The baffles bring the room up to code EQ-wise,” Mr. B explained, “The soundproofing deflects the sound waves to hit the ear in a natural manner.”  Even the new instrument cabinets (on order and coming soon), called “Accousti-Cabinets”, will have the same sound baffling built in to the cabinet doors.  Another new addition, of which Mr. B is particularly proud, is the great new flooring, laid in a pattern based on “shape notes”, a type of music notation introduced 200 years ago to make teaching music easier. Completely redone practice rooms and a music library round out the renovations.  New also are the addition of 5 IPAD2’s in the music lab, donated by the WSO, and a 20 foot trailer being built to carry the instruments.  Coming soon is a building to house the band and the football trailers.

    The “Spirit of Central” Marching Band will be performing a program based on the music of pop/jazz legend Billy Joel.  Called “Piano Man”, the selection list includes “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, “Piano Man”, “Only the Good Die Young”, “Aire Dublinesque”, and “Just the Way You Are.”  Look for the usual creative touches the band brings to all of their performances at the upcoming football games.   New this year is the incorporation of Electric Guitar and Bass to the stand tunes.  The Band will be travelling on October 29 to Nachitoches for the Northwestern Band Festival Competition.  Come out and cheer them on!

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