Business Spotlight: Housewarmers of Central/Zachary

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Business Spotlight by Housewarmers

Greeting Central & Zachary's New Residents Is Our Mission

    Businesswomen Jamie Clark, Jennie Bourgeois and Debbie Sartwell are excited to announce the opening of Housewarmers of Central/Zachary. This innovative business is a home greeting service which welcomes new residents to the area and introduces them to the community’s best businesses and professionals.  Each new resident is personally visited and presented with a Housewarmers Gift Bag, filled with goodies and surprises from Central and Zachary-area businesses, as well as a unique Housewarmers gift certificate book filled with tremendous values.

    Housewarmers is a fast-growing company based in Rockwall, TX.  The company’s goal is to expand to qualified operators in select communities, which meet its criteria for growth and business viability.  Kerry Johnson, President of Housewarmers, said, “We operate in over 20 cities in Texas and Louisiana.  This mother/daughter trio brings an innate understanding of the community, along with the business experience and commitment to be very successful. The new residents of Central and Zachary, as well as the innovative merchants of both cities, will be pleased with the value that Housewarmers of Central/Zachary will offer them.”

    The owner trio has resided in the Central/Zachary areas for over 20 years, and has a thorough understanding of many issues facing newcomers as they settle into the community.  “We are starting this business because Central and Zachary are growing at a rate of well over 50 households per month and we want to help these new homeowners feel welcomed and encourage them to promote our local businesses and economy. We want to ensure that they decide to shop local merchants first. We are excited to contribute in making our communities a great place to live.” They also stated that they collaboratively decided to open Housewarmers of Central/Zachary because of their desire to maintain the closeness and sense of community, which characterizes small town life.  In the past, family members lived in close proximity and would lean on each other for support, mentoring and encouragement, but as communities grow, people become more isolated.  “We want to ensure that new residents do not get lost in the numbers. People still care about each other in Central and Zachary; this business will help people get to know one other.  Central and Zachary are great communities to call home and people moving in need a friendly welcome and a fast start in learning about the wonderful businesses and good people here.”

    Housewarmers of Central/Zachary will be operated locally and may be reached at (225) 975-1882.

    The photo below shows a sample of the Housewarmers Gift Bag that will be used to greet new residents of Central and Zachary.  Clark, Bourgeois and Sartwell recently completed a training session in the Dallas area, and they will operate Housewarmers of Central/Zachary.

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