They Have an Agenda!

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  An Editorial by Dave Freneaux

    “I don’t trust them, because they have an agenda.”  We have all heard comments like this more than once.  On face value it might seem to be a reasonable statement.  As background, a quick online definition of an “agenda” is “The set of goals of an ideological group.”  In essence, an agenda is “What you want to happen.”  I would submit to you that everyone has an agenda.  Some might not have taken the time to write down their agenda, but clearly they have one, as everyone does.  The only time an agenda becomes a problem amongst reasonable people is when it is misunderstood or hidden.

    So, do you know their agenda?  If you are going to judge a person or group for their agenda, knowing what that agenda is would be an important piece of information.  All too often I see people and groups judged for their agenda when no one even knows what that agenda is.  They have heard people gossip about it, they think they know what it is, but they have never bothered to ask the person or group exactly what their agenda is.

    Next, are they hiding their agenda?  If a person or group is not willing to own up to what they are trying to accomplish, then you probably have a reason not to trust them.  However, let’s not assume the agenda is hidden without first asking for an explanation. 

    Lastly, the one I don’t trust is the one who says he has NO agenda.  That person or group either has a hidden agenda, or has no idea what they are doing.  Either way, I’m not really interested in them having their way.  I say decide what is important to you, set your agenda, work diligently to accomplish your goals, and don’t be ashamed to own up to that agenda.


  1. Kim fralick

    August 26, 2011 at 8:21 am

    The true problem with agendas are when they are self serving. If one is a public servant, his agenda must reflect that service. This of course is true in business, churches and families as well. Businesses must have an agenda to serve their customers, Christians and families each other.

    • dave

      August 26, 2011 at 8:54 am

      Kim. Excellent point. In the business setting I am hesitant to trust an agenda until I have a track record of dealing with that business that says they are truly concerned about the customer, but in Churches, Families, and Public Service, I believe we all have a right to assume everyone’s agendas are geared toward the good of the people we serve and trust. I am not saying that is always the case, but it OUGHT to be.

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