Tonight’s Board of Adjustments Agenda

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Meeting at 5 PM at Kristenwood

1    Call to Order

2.   Roll Call

3.  Recitation of Rules

4.  Approval of Minutes from July 28, 2011 Meeting

5.  Consent Agenda



6.         BOA-10-11

14821 Frenchtown Road, Lot D-2-A, Arthur J. LeBlanc, Sr. Property

Applicant: David LeBlanc;  Rural

    This property is located at 14821 Frenchtown Road. The applicant requests the Board of Adjustments to grant a waiver of Section 8.105 of the Unified Development Code in accordance with Section 3.2 (B)(5)(b)(1) to allow a hardship in conjunction with the housing of aged, ill or otherwise incapacitated or handicapped family members, or wards for which the existing residents are or may become responsible.     

7.  Announcements

8.  Adjourn

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