CAPA Corner: Words of Encouragement from the Central Area Pastors Association

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The day I am writing this, I heard the Chancellor of LSU call into a popular news/talk radio program on our local market. He wanted to tell of a very positive involvement in the community by the new freshman class at LSU. He wanted good news to NOT go unnoticed.

That has prompted me to think of the good that churches in the Central community do almost daily. Personally I am aware that in Central there is at least one church or several churches together that:

  • Provide food for the hungry
  • Provide Christmas presents for children of prisoners or children with disabilities
  • Improve city parks in Central for families
  • Offer English as a Second Language classes
  • Encourage traditional marriage and healthy families through counseling and wedding services
  • Aide teachers and administrators in the public and private schools by volunteering

And above all else, the churches in Central together and individually:

  • Give moral instruction to our citizens
  • Serve as a medium for closer relationships within neighborhoods
  • Help developing nations become more established

But the greatest good that our churches in Central do every week is to announce the news that the Creator of the universe has given His Son, Jesus Christ, as our rescuer from our sins!

Jeff Stanfill

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