EBRSO Apprehends Four in Home Invasion

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    East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Deputies along with Baton Rouge Police apprehended four men today following a home invasion that occurred at approximately 5:00 a.m. this morning the Comite Hills West subdivision off of Joor Road.

    According to reports, the victim arrived home and four men in a vehicle pulled in the driveway behind him. Armed with guns, the men forced the victim inside his recidence and stole his cell phone. The four men then fled.

    Deputies apprehended two of the men shortly after in the subdivision. The other two fled into the wooded area behind the subdivision off of Joor Road. EBRSO deputies, detectives, K9s and the Baton Rouge Police helicopter were able to track the two men down and apprehend them. Deputies recovered two rifles and a handgun.

    Corsy Bernard Hollins, 26, of 1305 N. 47th St.;  Loialiki Falauwa Moi, 27, of 722 N. 38th St.; Sherman Trammel Smith, 30, of 4014 Pitcher St.; and James Williams, 18, of  722 N. 38th St. are charged with LRS 14:62.8 Home Invasion, LRS 14:64 Armed Robbery, LRS 14:60 Aggravated Burglary, LRS 14:34 Aggravated Battery, and LRS 14:56 Simple Criminal Damage To Property.

    Special thanks to all the deputies and detectives that stayed on shift and Baton Rouge Police that assisted in apprehending the suspects so quickly.

    Homeowner Kenwan Payne has asked to send a personal expression of thanks to the neghbors of Comite Hills West and to the EBRSO and the BRPD for their quick response and the apprehension of the suspects.

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  1. Daniel

    August 31, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    I live in comite hills west and I can say it was pretty crazy in the neighborhood that Sunday morning. I was awoke by the sound of a helicopter flying low overhead. I thought they were looking an escaped inmate because they had officers on every corner, dead end, and street. I must say that ebrso did a great job handling the case. This incident just shows you it can happen to anyone, anywhere without notice. My heart goes out to the victims on this one and I can’t imagine going through the same thing. I’m glad they caught those crooks, there is nothing lower than a thief in my opinion and I’m glad to see those losers in orange jumpers behind bars. A Message to future would be thieves, don’t mess with central, we don’t play around.

    Again, thanks for the assistance to the EBRSO and BRPD for capturing these losers so swiftly.

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