Join the Mayor’s 100 Club to Support Blue Star Moms

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What is the Mayor’s 100 Club, and how can you help?

1. The Mayor’s 100 Club supports Blue Star/Gold Star Mothers of Central – an organization supporting our troops overseas.  Blue Star Moms have a loved one serving overseas.  Gold Star Moms have lost a loved one in combat.

2. $100 check or $100 worth of supplies, or more, may be sent or delivered to Mayor Mac Watts at 13421 Hooper Rd., Suite 8, City of Central, LA 70818.  Please make checks payable to Blue Star Mothers of LA.  A list of needed supplies is below.  Please place supplies in sturdy boxes for handling.  All cash donations are to aid in shipping charges as well as buying additional supplies needed for our troops.

All donations are tax deductible.  Any and all donations appreciated.

3. Businesses, churches, schools, etc. may want to send a package in the name of your organization.  You may include a personal note in your package.

4. All donations need to be made by September 30, 2011.  We hope to publish a list of all contributors at a later date.

5. What do you get for joining the Mayor’s Club?  You get the heartfelt satisfaction of helping our young men and women overseas and to let them know they are in our prayers and that we appreciate their sacrifices for our country.

    We remember the men and women who stand in the gap between the free world and those who wish to destroy it.  Bless those who currently serve, those who have served, and most especially those who never return.

    Supplies needed (small sizes please) include:  Lip Balm; Medicated Foot Powder; Shoe Inserts; Antibiotic Ointment; Anti-itch Ointment; Muscle Pain Ointment; Eye Drops; Eyeglass Wipes; Mouthwash; Toothpaste; Deodorant (non-aerosol); Miniature Toilet Paper Rolls; Feminine Hygiene Products; Shaving Cream; Disposable Razors; Body Wash/Soap; Baby Wipes; Shampoo; Scrubbles; Q-tips; Hand Sanitizer; Skin Lotion; Sunscreen Lotion (in tube); Insect Repellent (non-aerosol); Handwarmers; Rice Krispy Treats; Fruit Roll-ups; Energy Bars; Sunflower Seeds/Nuts; Trail Mix; Popcorn; Cracker Jacks; Hot Chocolate; Coffee/Tea; Coffee Creamers; Spiced Tea; Powdered Drink Mixes for Individual Water Bottles; Powdered Gatorade; Canned Fruit (easy open container); Peanut Butter (individual serving); Canned Chicken/Tuna; Microwaveable Food; BEEF Jerky (NO PORK); Slim Jims; Chewing Gum; DVDs; Small Board Games; Crossword Puzzles; Small American Flags; Room Fresheners; Pencils/Pens; Small Notepads.

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