CMS Wildcats Defeat East Feliciana

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By Head Coach John Kennedy

    Wednesday night the 8th grade traveled to Jackson's Cow Pasture to defeat East Feliciana 30-6. Brendon Guerin scored on TD passes by Kyle Kennedy and Trenton Guay in the first half after the Eagles scored the first TD of the game. Josh Brown scored early in the 3rd quarter on a TD pass and Devante Heil scored in the 4th quarter to put the game away. The offense was able to move the ball with good blocks by, Ethan Delaughter, Taft Kirby, Morrison Johnson and Caleb Moore. Defensively the Wildcats scored on a safety when Matthew Pihl tackled the running back in the endzone. Telly Roper recovered a fumble to set up Central's second score while Landon Palmer, Jacob Strickland and Tad Richard had big stops.

    Both the 7th and 8th grade play West Feliciana next Wednesday in front of the student body at 1 PM.

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