Mike Mannino Qualifies for Senate Race

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Submitted by Mike Mannino

    I am Mike Mannino and I am running for Senate District 6, a newly formed district in EBR, St Helena, Livingston, and Tangipahoa Parishes.

    I am a 33 year Resident of Central. I am married to Vanda Withers Mannino and I have 5 Children, 3 boys and 2 girls, Chris, Brad, Jason, Christy and Vallen. I am also a very proud Granddad of Christian, Kaylee, and Edyn Mannino.

    I am currently employed at Exxon where I have worked for the last 32 years. I am currently in middle management. My wife Vanda is a High School teacher in the Livingston Parish system. My Mother and Father are both from Tangipahoa Parish where I have strong family ties to this day.

    I am a lifelong conservative being one of the original 15 members of Taxbusters. I will never vote for increasing taxes, firmly believing that Government doesn’t have a Revenue problem, it has a spending problem cause by being involved in many functions that they should not be a part of. As Federal spending and by default, Federal money to the states begins to be reduced, we will be faced with financial challenges in Louisiana that we have never seen before and it will take a new way of thinking to get through these budget challenges. We are hardworking people in this State and are up to the task.

    But government must:

1-        Learn to do more with less

2-        Adopt tax policies that encourage companies to move here

3-        Put people to work that are able to contribute to this effort

4-        Increase revenue by job creation , and a vibrant economy.

    Government must NOT:

1-        Continue to raise taxes to finance government functions that our founders never intended government to be involved in

2-        Increase regulations that burden companies with needless bureaucracy

3-        Continue operating under the “Good Ole Boys” system where projects and funding is not approved on Merit but by who is asking or who needs a favor.

4-        Collect money at the State level to send back to the local municipalities after skimming off the top to fund a huge State Government

    If you believe in less government, and honest and ethical government, I would appreciate your consideration for Senate. If you do your homework, you will find that I am the only true Conservative in this race.  I’m not an imposter; I am the real deal that can affect change in the State!


  1. Ray Ashford

    September 8, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Hey Mike thanks for entering the arena. It takes a lot of courage, time, and resources to do this. I appreciate your willingness to serve the citizens of our area. I read earlier in the week were there was a possibility that up to 63 seats, most certainly the majority, will run uncontested for a free pass to the state capital. This audacious quote from Pat Smith is why no candidate should ever be given the opportunity to run unopposed.”Those of us with opposition, it’s not that we are not doing a good job. It’s that some people just like to run.”

  2. Belinda

    September 9, 2011 at 8:19 am

    Awesome!! Awesome!! I agree with your views 100%. Time to get the players, talkers and showmen out of government; and get some movers and shakers in, who CARE about OTHER people, THIS state and THIS nation!!

    I am just grateful to have known you through all this time, and I do know… You are the Real Deal!!… 🙂

    Congratulations Mike! I am sooo glad you decided to run! You have my support 200++ plus percent!!

  3. Another Central Residnet

    September 9, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    Time to get rid of career politicians. Good luck.

  4. Mike Mannino

    September 11, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Ray thank you very much for your support. a ” Good Job” is a relative term, there is not a scorecard. The best you can do as an informed citizen is to review a candidates voting record or position on the issues if they have not been in office before. If you are a true conservative, you should look hard at my opponents voting record on taxes , the legislative pay raise, and funding for public education and teachers. Its quite concerning to me as a true , diehard conservative.

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