Scouts Work with BREC to Create 9/11 Memorial

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By Mia Freneaux
Boy Scout Troop 13, Cub Scout Pack 13, and Girl Scout Troop 10036, all chartered at Blackwater United Methodist Church, are working with BREC to create a unique memorial for 9/11. This Saturday and Sunday, come to the Blackwater Conservancy and walk the 8/10 mile path. Every 30 inches you will find an American flag planted- one for every life lost at the Twin Towers on that tragic day 10 years ago. The Scouts have planted the flags so that people can “have a private moment of contemplation,” as BREC employee Greg Grandy stated. Grandy has been working with the Scouts to provide this opportunity for remembrance. The Blackwater Conservancy is an especially appropriate site for this memorial. According to Grandy, the area was an abandoned sand and gravel pit that was nit ecologically friendly. It was targeted to be rejuvenated as a conservancy, and was actually in the process of being replanted and restocked when 9/11 occurred. Many do not know that a memorial flag and plaque were placed at the conservancy for the lives that were lost, as it was felt that the site was a special symbol of hope and rebirth. Come join the Scouts as we remember that day, and all that our troops are fighting to defend and preserve.

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