CCA Forum Tuesday on Hunting Safety & Regulations

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Submitted by Harry Rauls

Next Tuesday, September 20th, the Central Community Alliance will host a public forum in the DEMCO Meeting Room (16262 Wax Road) about hunting safety and regulations.  A LDWF Agent will be the guest speaker at the event beginning at 7 PM.

As the Law Enforcement Division, an LDWF Agent will focus on discussing hunting safety and hunting regulations, i.e.,  What you can and can't do, and shouldn't do. He will also inform the audience of any regulations that are new for the upcoming hunting season, and will bring a supply of the Louisiana 2011 / 2012 Hunting Regulations pamphlets to pass out.
The most popular part of LDWF presentations is to open the floor to the audience to ask questions. Outdoor enthusiasts are usually full of questions, or want something they may have heard "through the grapevine" answered from a professional. Bring that list of questions that you have always wanted answered with you and the LDWF Agent will do their best to answer them. 

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