CHS Silk Makes Northwestern’s Flag Team

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By CHS Student Jacob Hill;  Photo by Expressions Photography

    Over the summer Krystal Ingalls, a CHS Silk, went to the Northwestern State University flag team camp. Unbeknownst to her and the other 25 to 30 girls attending, they were being watched by Northwestern’s flag team choreographer. She then picked 15 of the girls to extend an invitation to join the Northwestern State University flag team without having to audition. CHS’s own Krystal Ingalls was one of the lucky 15 invited to join. Along with the invitation Krystal would be granted a scholarship of $1000, which will double every year she is on the flag team. Krystal says she’s not 100% set on going to Northwestern, but the scholarship is a huge deciding factor. She says LSU is still in the running and she would join the flag team at either school. When asked why she auditioned for the CHS silks she said, she had just tried out to see if she could make it. She says she loves being on the flag team and she loves when all the silks work together as a team. She loves how close you get to people when you do extracurricular activities and her favorite thing about being on the Silks is performing every Friday night on the football field. Aside from dancing Krystal’s hobbies are playing the guitar, riding horses and of course shopping. Krystal has worked hard and should be proud to be given a scholarship and Central should be proud and support her every step of the way.

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