Three Central Students Film Weekly TV Sitcom

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Submitted by Tina Kaufman;  Photo by Lorri King

    Three Central students have begun the process to film a TV sit-com weekly. The INFORMER will air every Saturday on channel 10 on MPD Kids club cox channel at noon. Alexandra Johnson Central Intermediate student, Brock Kaufman Central Middle School and Chaislyn King a Victory Academy student. All three students are part of the Motion Picture Development program at Celtic Media Center. The TV sit-com is about a group of Middle School Students that are faced with real life issues. THE INFORMER is the name of their school paper and these talented actors portray characters in the Middle School and solve different issues they are faced with at school.   This 10-week after school Kids Club founded by Aaron Williams introduces students to the craft of journalism, teleprompter reading, and acting for tv sit-coms, and gives them a chance to create video narratives for television, online, and festival outlets. In this 10-week program, each student is challenged with producing and acting in short narratives of increasing complexity. These classes and our student narratives, sketches, and skits will be televised weekly as a part of our Educational & Instructional (EI) television broadcast in order to highlight our students and promote their works. If you missed an episode visit the online tv station at

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