Amite River Preservation Association Recognized by ARBC

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    Constable Don Thompson, a member of the Board of Directors of the Amite River Basin Commission and citizen of the City of Central, brought to the attention of the Commission the hard work all this past summer of the Amite River Preservation Association in keeping the Amite River cleared of trash.  The ARBC, composed of citizens from 6 different parishes, adopted Resolution 1087 unanimously.  The Resolution states: “…Whereas, there are young citizens in the Amite River Basin with a far-reaching vision that has created an environmental awareness in the citizenship of the Amite River Basin of the value and preservation of this natural resource, and, Whereas, these young citizens have founded the Amite River Preservation Association for the purpose of keeping the Amite River clean and void of trash and debris, Now, Therefore, the Board of Commissioners of the Amite River Basin Drainage and Water Conservation District hereby recognize these young citizens, namely: Grant Venable, Jacob Venable, Matthew Venable, Cade Sevario, Cole Sevario, Elizabeth DeLee, Grace DeLee, Kaylee Tassin, Blake Ashford, Kyle Leblanc, and Taylor Scrantz for their work and effort to keep the Amite River free from trash and debris for the benefit and enjoyment of all people in the Amite River Basin. Declared adopted this 20th day of September, 2011.”  Central is blessed to have such stellar representation in the form of these students who exemplify personal responsibility, great work ethic, appreciation for their environment, and sense of citizenship.  As Constable Thompson stated, “These young people are a wonderful asset to our state.”

Front row: Don Thompson.  2nd row: Jacob Venable, Kaylee Tassin, Cade Sevario, Grace DeLee, Matthew

Venable, Cole Sevario. 3rd row: RJ Saucier, President Lawrence Callender, Russell Cornette, Joel Louque, John Brass, Willie George Lee, ARBC Vice President Jerry Thibeau, Terry Louque, and Al Bargas. 

Back row: Anthony “Tony” Rouchon and Dale Zuelke.  Not shown: ARPA members Grant Venable, Elizabeth DeLee, Blake Ashford, Kyle Leblanc, and Taylor Scrantz, and ARBC member Larry Thomas

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