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An Interview with Mayor Mac Watts by Dave Freneaux

Next Tuesday’s City Council agenda includes consideration of an ordinance to change the way in which Council Members are elected.  In your opinion, how important is this decision?

    This is one of the most important issues that our City Council has ever considered.  The decision they come to will affect the way Central is governed and the cost of that government for generations.  We owe it to our grandchildren to come to a sound decision in this matter.  Decisions like this are not easily reversed, so I am depending on this City Council to consider the impact it will have on Central not in 4 years , but in 40 years.


Do you have any preference as to which election method is decided on or whether additional Council Seats are created?

    I am personally opposed to bigger government.  All across our nation there are people regretting having let government grow uncontrolled.  People are working hard to find ways to reduce government all the way to Washington, and it is difficult, if not impossible.  Here in Central we started with small government, we privatized City Services, and have only two city employees.  Central does not need to reduce the size and cost of government, because we already have small government.  If the Council acts to increase the size and cost of Central’s government I will have a difficult time supporting that decision.  As to how the City Council is elected, whether by Districts, Divisions or At-Large, I can support whatever the Council feels best serves the citizens of Central, as long as we protect the tax dollars the people have entrusted to us.


Over the past few months it has become evident that the Council seems split over how this issue should be resolved.  As our Mayor, what do you see as the best resolution to this matter?

    The Council is empowered by the Lawrason Act to make this decision.  I am hopeful that the decision is based on good research and that it reflects the will of the citizens.  I would like for the Council to respond to any concerns raised by the people because I want them to know that they have been heard.  Finally, I am personally committed to protecting the taxpayers’ dollars and to keeping Central’s government small, streamlined and efficient.  I can support any decision the Council reaches which keeps government in check.  However, if the City Council votes to increase the size and cost of government, that decision needs to be on a 4-1 or 5-0 vote.  If it is, I will accept that the elected representatives of the citizens have spoken clearly and I will put aside my personal desire for small government and respect that decision.


  1. Ray

    September 25, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Is it possible, that a compromise can be reached, with the current council agreeing, that the monies allocated for five positions, be divided among a seven member council, thus limiting the cost of a larger council.

  2. Ray

    September 25, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    Just watched the last Districts Committee meeting on CSTV and saw were someone offered the 7 split as a compromise solution. Glad someone already brought it up.

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