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By DeeDee Dupree

    Bee Stings?  Try this to soothe away the OUCH!:  First, remove the embedded stinger. Suggestions to do that: Draw a moist bar of soap across the sting, it will usually pull stinger right out or scrape out stinger with the side of a credit card. Once removed, remember, baking soda soothes. Dr. DerMarderosian, explains that baking soda can neutralize things that are acidic, such as the irritating venom of an insect sting. (other tips – Meat tenderizer, or if you are outside an unable to get immediate attention, use MUD. That’s right, mud. It will provide temporary relief of pain.  

    Bladder Infections? Flush out the bacteria:  Many people know about this but for those who don’t, try this. Cranberry Juice.  Some doctors recommend drinking three ounces of cranberry juice daily as a preventive and upping that amount t to between 12 and 32 ounces if infection occurs. Another option, grab that old faithful box of baking soda. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink the contents once a day for three days. Remember, I didn’t say it would taste good, but it is a home remedy many women swear by.  Another tip is non-fat yogurt and Vitamin C (the second most popular choice among women surveyed for beating bladder infections).

    Breast Tenderness? Suggestions to remove the ache:  Our hormones stimulate fluid retention and sometimes the slightest bounce or bump can cause real discomfort in the breast area. Many women agree that cutting out caffeine can significantly reduce swelling and tenderness.  There is also belief that the LOW-SALT solution works magic.  Salty foods such as potato chips, pretzels, fries and popcorn make it harder for your body to counteract the hormone-induced fluid retention that occurs during the two weeks leading up to menstruation. Several studies suggest that cutting back on fat and increasing fiber can reduce your blood levels of breast stimulating estrogen (another tip – try the Vitamin E ease).

    Tips and suggestions given here are meant to help you as home remedies and are not intended as a substitute for treatments prescribed by your doctor.

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