Lane Cardiovascular Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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Submitted by Julie McLin, Lane RMC

    On Sept 22 Lane Regional Medical Center and Cardiovascular Institute of the South celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Lane Cardiovascular Center and their partnership of providing world-class cardiovascular care.  Since 2006 more than 4,000 patients have received treatment and more than 2,100 cardiovascular procedures have been performed in the heart catheterization lab.

    CIS and Lane jointly provide the most advanced cardiovascular technologies in the region—including:

•           Impella, the world’s smallest heart pump which relieves the heart’s pumping function and provides the time needed to initiate life-saving interventions

•           Orbital devices, such as the Diamondback 360, to remove arterial blockages

• The ultrasound-assisted CROSSER catheter to enable angioplasty in extreme cases of peripheral vascular disease

• The Supera stent to treat long lesions with low radiation exposure

• The Volcano pressure wire to measure blood pressure within the arteries 

• The Turbohawk calcium removal system, and

• Heart catheterizations performed via transradial access through the wrist, instead of transfemoral access through the groin

    Pictured L-R: David Konur CEO for CIS, Dr. Deepak Thekkoott, Mayor of Central Mac Watts, Central Chamber director Ron Erickson and Dustin Logue, NP

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