Fourth Annual Public Square Rosary Rally October 15th

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Submitted by Barbara Simoneaux

The Fourth Annual Public Square Rosary Rally, imploring Our Lady of Fatima's intercession with her Divine Son, for the salvation of America will be held on Saturday, October 15 at noon.  We will be part of a nation-wide effort to eradicate the many evils that are plagueing our country, by all praying together at the same exact hour.  Everyone is invited.  Please arrive at 11:45 AM and bring a Rosary and a chair if needed.  There will be a rally at the corner of Hooper Road and Sullivan Road; and one at the corner of Hooper Road and Greenwell Springs Road.  God requires prayer and penance.  The Rosary is our prayer and standing out in the public in the hot sun is our penance.

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