CAPA Corner: Words of Encouragement from the Central Area Pastors Association

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As I have walked into several stores in the past few weeks, I have noticed something very strange! Christmas decorations are already out! The first time I noticed this, it was still September and still 90 degrees outside. I initially laughed it off as simply good business. After all, Christmas is a consumer holiday that people go all out for. There are gifts, decorations, and food to spare for Christmas. Why not bring it out all the earlier? But then a question came into my mind: “What ever happened to Thanksgiving?” Where are the cornucopias and the pilgrim hats? Where are the decorations of harvest and bounty? 

As I begrudged the stores for skipping such a wonderful holiday, the Lord nudged me and asked me a similar question about my relationship to him. He asked, “Jason, whatever happened to Thanksgiving?”  The truth is that many times in my own life, I am so focused on the next blessing I receive from God that I rarely stop and thank him for what he has already given me!

He has given me a home, a family, friends, and food on the table.  But, more than these, and far greater is that fact that he saw me in my sins and had mercy on me. Far greater is the fact that he came to this earth and died for me to bring me back into a relationship with him.  Far greater is that he rose again to conquer death and sin and lives victorious!  Even without shelter or family, I can rejoice, because Jesus is my Lord.

In your search for the next big blessing, don’t forget to be thankful!  Stop and consider all the things God has done for you. Stop and give him glory.

Not feeling blessed right now? Feeling like hope has slipped through your fingers? Like you are longing for something to be thankful for?  Like life has beaten you down? Don’t be discouraged. God loves you! Stop by the nearest church you see and talk with the pastor about the greatest blessing this world has ever seen: Jesus Christ!

Jason Allen
First Baptist Church Central

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