EBRSO Narcotics Agents Seize More than 180 Pounds of Synthetic Drugs

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From the East Baotn Rouge Sheriff's Office

East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office detectives seized five large parcels, weighing approximately 180 pounds, yesterday delivered to a Central residence. With the assistance of the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab, agents learned that a representative sample of the synthetic narcotics tested positive for a schedule I, group I narcotic which has been banned as a component of the synthetic narcotics.  

As a result of the search warrant obtained, agents located approximately 17,250 packs of various forms of synthetic narcotics and several unused bundles of packets labeled “matrix” and “G6”. Research into the names listed on the unused packets revealed that these are some of the brand names that the “legal” synthetics are being sold under. Therefore to mask the illegal synthetics, agents concluded that they were being repackaged into the “matrix and G6” packets for sale.  Agents seized the unused packets for evidence. Agents report an approximate resale value of the synthetics to be $517,500. A Central resident is charged with Possession with the intent to distribute schedule I, controlled dangerous substance, and an arrest warrant was issued for another individual at that same address.  Detectives have seized two additonal parcels delivered to the same location.   Agents learned that the parcels contained an additional  5,600 packets of synthetic narcotics.   The total estimated value of the packets seized today is $168,000. Combined with the total from yesterday totals $685,500 in seized property.

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  1. Ray Ashford

    October 11, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Well Done!!! I googled the address and it shows the location to be in Hampton Village subdivision. Is this correct?

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