Meet Local Authors This Saturday at Greenwell Springs Library

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    Central Author DeeDee Dupree (pictured above) will be among many talented local authors being recognized on October 15, 2011 between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at the Greenwell Springs Libray.  Other authors present will include Jules Haigler, Michael Ellerby, Betty Miley, June Shaw, Helen Kleinstiver, Chere Coen and Cosha Haynes.  This will be the launch of DeeDee's second book, Drew’s Descent. Her first publised book, When The Scars Heal, was accepted into Premium Status of all major ebook networks and distributions and has received four stars, or higher, on every customer review so far. This book will also be available for purchase the day of the book signing.

    DeeDee is well known in the Central Community for her work as a freelance writer for Central Speaks, as a Realtor for over fifteen years, and a board member on the CHS PTO.  She greatly appreciates all the support and encouragement she has received from the Central Community with the launch of her two books.

    DeeDee's passion is writing and she thrives on all of its complexities. She enjoys building the characters, deciding how their lives will turn out and enjoys creating the twists and turns along the way. Her first book, When The Scars Heal, focuses on the dangers of teenage drinking and driving as well as sibling rivalry, family drama and the loss of a loved one. The newest edition, Drew's Descent, focuses on a man's journey with Bi-polar disorder, as he confronts death, lust, loyalty and love. It begins with panoramic views of the exhilarating, snow capped town of Salt Lake City, Utah and ends in the lovely, culture filled beauty of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with it's moss laden cypress trees and enticing warm weather.

    The event, Author's Row, is great way to show your support for Central's Own, Author DeeDee Dupree, as well as other Louisiana Author's. We encourage you to pick up your signed copy on October 15th.  Both books are also available as an ebook @,, and for only $1.99 (good on Kindle, Nook and most available ereaders) Become friends on facebook: author.deedeedupree

    Bring a copy of this article on October 15th to the event and receive $2 off your copy of When the Scars Heal or Drew's Descent.

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