Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, EBR Sheriff among Races on Saturday’s Ballot

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Saturday is an important election in our City and our State. Central Speaks would fi rst remind you that many have given their lives and many more have served THIS COUNTRY to guarantee your right to vote. Let’s have a record voter turnout AND an LSU win on Saturday. Now, Central Speaks would like to tell you how to vote: VOTE SMART.  Yes, that is all. It is not a newspaper’s job to promote one candidate over another.  It is not the media’s job to give one candidate more coverage than another.  Responsible journalism does not include selectively enhancing the resume of one candidate while seeking to vilify another. VOTE SMART.  The candidates have worked hard for months or longer to get their message out. They have push cards, advertisements, web sites and signs.  They have spoken to large groups and walked neighborhoods to meet voters face to face. They have given interviews, many of which can be seen on line. The voters of Central are intelligent enough to VOTE SMART.  The complete sample ballot can be seen or printed at

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