Central’s Citizen of the Year

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    Beginning in 2011, all of the charitable organizations in Central will be invited to select Central's "Citizen of the Year."  In addition, the panel will have the option of awarding "Lifetime Citizenship Awards" to persons who have displayed a continuous dedication to the Central Community.  In a community such as Central with a reputation for volunteerism, charity and community service, it is fitting that representatives from the charitable organizations should select the citizens to be honored.  Letters have gone out to each of the following organizations inviting them each to have one representative on the selection committee for these awards:  Boy Scouts, Central Food Bank, Central Area Pastor's Association, CCA, CCAF, Eastern Star, Girl Scouts, Kiwanis, Lion's Club, Masons, Rotary Club, Veteran's Helping Veterans and the Knights of Columbus.  If anyone knows of a charitable or civic organization in Central not listed, please let us know.

    Central's "Citizen of the Year" will be a resident of the City of Central or the Central Community School District whose actions, efforts and service during the year have been significant, selfless, and dedicated to the betterment of the Central Community.  Similarly, "Lifetime Citizenship Awards" will recognize that same selfless contribution to the Central Community spanning a number of years.  Only persons nominated can be considered by the committee, so submit your nomination in 1,000 words or less to or by mail to P.O. Box 78137, Central, LA  70837.  Central Speaks will have no input or vote on the selection process, serving only to collect the nominations and forward them to the committee.  Central Speaks will also supply the awards themselves.  Nominations will end on December 1st and the recipients will be announced on December 15th.


  1. Loretta Watts

    October 27, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Would Cooking in Central qualify?

  2. Dave Freneaux

    October 27, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Not sure how I left out Cooking in Central. Actually I am sure. I used the list of organizations in the Chamber Directory and forgot Cooging has a separate page. Cooking will be invited to send a representative as well.


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