7th & 8th Grade Students Attend Vocations Breakfast at St. Alphonsus

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Submitted by Jeanine Cockerham

On Friday, October 7th, Fr. Mike Moroney and the Vocations team at St. Alphonsus  Liguori Catholic Church hosted a “Vocations Breakfast” for St. Alphonsus School  seventh and  eighth grade students.  The group enjoyed fruit, pancakes, biscuits, bacon and eggs.  Fr. Matt Lorrain, Vocation Director for the Diocese of Baton Rouge, was a guest celebrant for the School Mass and spoke at the breakfast. Fr. Matt explained to the students the importance of each one of us being open to what God has in store for us and that while there are many vocations in life, the vocation to priesthood or religious life is indeed a special call.  We were honored to have St. Alphonsus Alumni, Holly Smith, a senior at St. Josephs Academy join us to encourage the students to be positive and uplifting if a friend were to mention a possible calling.  Deacons Phil BeJeaux and Ronnie Hebert were also in attendance.  The breakfast was a takeoff of the monthly Vocations lunch Fr. Mike host at the rectory each month. During the school year, 12 students from the 7th & 8th grades enjoy walking across the street to the rectory for a lunch of homemade burgers and ice cream prepared by the vocations team.  The students are encouraged to ask any question they may have and discuss future possibilities.  The vocations team hopes that this continued interaction will fan the flames from the sparks of The Holy Spirit. We would like to thank Ms. Jackie Goudeau of Kleinpeter Dairy for the donation of dairy products.   The Vocations Team: Tony & Jeannine Cockerham, Mike & Jennifer Breaux, Eric Frank, David Boudreaux and Brenda Vaughn.

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