RWC Veterans’ Celebration this Friday

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Submitted by Betsy Barnes

    Local Central and Baton Rouge area active duty soldiers and veterans of all branches of service will be honored at the 1st Annual CENTRAL SOLDIERS & VETERANS CELEBRATION on Friday, November 4th from 11a.m. to 9p.m.

    Music, fellowship and a time of remembrance will be provided, with proceeds benefitting Blue Star Moms of Louisiana.

    Mayor Shelton “Mac” Watts, Republican Women of Central and the City of Central are among those sponsoring this event to be held with Pit Crew Barbecue, owned by Harold and Stacy Laird.

    Pit Crew Barbecue is located on the corner of Hooper Road and Shady Bluff Drive in Central.

    A special ceremony will be held at 11:30a.m. and at 6p.m. Twin brothers and 2006 graduates from Central High School, Army Specialist Dallas Sampey and Army Pvt. 1st class Darius Sampey will be honored for their military service.

    Dallas will continue his active duty status as a flight medic, leaving to join the Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) and will receive a custom built NHRA motorcycle built by Harold Laird, who is also an NRHA Racing Champion. The motorcycle’s patriotic custom paint design was donated by basketball-shooting coach Ed Palubinskas.

    Darius is pursuing enrollment in Tulane University toward a degree in Foreign Policy and would like to become an ambassador for the U.S. He is now a veteran and received a full medical discharge after 100% hearing loss while serving.

    The Sampey brothers are just two of the many soldiers, disabled and retired veterans to be recognized for their service on what is planned to be an annual event.

    No admission fee will be charged for this event. Pit Crew Barbecue will provide refreshments and barbecue plates. For each meal and sandwich sold, $1 will be donated by the Lairds. All attendees are encouraged to invite family and friends, share their stories and fellowship together. Donations for Blue Star Moms will be accepted at Pit Crew Barbecue from now until after the event.

    To become a sponsor of this celebration, please email or contact Betsy Barnes, RWC First Vice President and Membership Committee Chairwoman at (225) 333-0018.

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  1. Nancy Blount

    November 4, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    I appreciate Mayor Watts and the Republican Women of Central for sponsoring this event. Seeing our city sponsor such a worthy event like this makes me glad to say I live in Central! God Bless!

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