Building Permits Pick up During October

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From the City of Central
    Building permits picked up considerably during the month of October 2011 within the city of Central. A total of 18 new residential permits were issued.  The total valuation of these permits was $4,030,134.
    Within these permits, four were issued in Woodstock with an average valuation of $203,566; four in Burlington Lakes with an average valuation of $161,522; three in Village Lakes with an average valuation of $218,251; two in Village at Magnolia Square with an average valuation of $291,019; one in Gates at Burlington valued at $161,380; one in Bellingrath Lakes valued at $322,776; one in Hampton Village valued at $246,440; one in Wisteria Lakes valued at $215,268; and one on a private parcel of land with a valuation of $387,124  So far this year, a total of 119 new residential building permits have been issued.
    Building valuation is the price based upon the square footage of the home used for permitting purposes.  The actual selling price of the home is usually higher than the valuation and depends upon amenities installed by the builder.

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