Driving Directions to St. Paul

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The following are MapQuest directions from Central High School to St. Paul.  To view directions and a map online, visit
Driving Directions
1 hour 10 mins / 59.63 miles
From Central High School
10200 E Brookside Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, 70818
(225) 261-3438
1. Start out going north on E. Brookside Dr toward Wax Rd/LA-3034. (0.2 mi) 
2. Turn right onto Wax Rd/LA-3034. Continue to follow LA-3034. (2.0 mi) 
3. LA-3034 becomes LA-64. (2.2 mi)
4. Stay straight to go onto Lockhart Rd/LA-1026.
5. Turn left onto LA-1027. (2.4 mi) 
6. Turn right onto LA-447/Walker Rd N. Continue to follow LA-447. (1.5 mi) 
7. Merge onto I-12 E via the ramp on the left toward Hammond.
If you reach Milton Ln you’ve gone a little too far. (43.3 mi) 
8. Take the LA-21 N exit, EXIT 59, toward Covington/Hospital. (0.4 mi)
9. Turn left onto LA-21 N.  Wendy’s is on the corner.  If you reach I-12 E you’ve gone about 0.3 miles too far. (2.5 mi) 
10. Turn right onto W 11th Ave.
W.  11th Ave is just past W 10th Ave.  If you reach W 12th Ave you’ve gone a little too far. (0.6 mi)
11. Turn left onto S Jahncke St/S Jahncke Ave. (0.1 mi)
12. 917 S JAHNCKE AVE is on the left.  Your destination is just past E 12th Ave.  If you reach E 14th Ave you’ve gone about 0.1 miles too far.
Arrive at St Paul’s School
917 S Jahncke Ave, Covington, LA, 70433, (985) 892-3200

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