Central Residents Witness Relative’s Honor

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PICTURED: Sergeant Major Battaglia and his wife Lisa with Steve and Tricia Battaglia Hale.  Submitted by Tricia Hale

Central residents Tricia and Steve Hale were thrilled to receive an invitation to attend a ceremony honoring Tricia's uncle, Sergeant Major Bryan Battaglia.  Sgt. Maj. Battaglia, a Metairie native and proud Marine, was sworn in on September 30 at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia to hold the highest position a non-commissioned officer can attain, that of Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman.  Battaglia will serve as SEAC to Army General Martin Dempsey, whose first official act after being sworn in as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was to swear in Battaglia.  Battaglia will also be advising Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.  An article outlining Battaglia's career and achievements recently appeared on the front page of the Times-Picayune.   "We feel so honored to have witnessed this ceremony and want the world to see what a Louisiana boy can do!" Tricia said proudly.  Congratulations to Sgt. Maj. Battaglia and his entire family on this terrific and well deserved honor.


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