An A+ Activity for an A+ School

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Logan W., Tara D. Shelby M, Morgan T, Madison P, Lily J
Submitted by Bellingrath Hills Elem.
    Ms. Pattie Birdsall’s Kindergarten class at Bellingrath Hills Elementary recently hosted an apple party in celebrating the letter “A”. Students read Johnny Appleseed as an extending activity. Parents assisted at the Apple Party. Students utilized their 5 senses to explore with apples. Students tasted a variety of apples, strung apple cereal necklaces, sequenced story events, drank apple juice and overall had a great time. Ms. Birdsall and her students would like to thank all of the parents who volunteered by providing time and supplies to make this a memorable and exciting time for all.
Ms. Birdsall And Tori B
Ms. Monica Dickerson. Leyton B, Aralyn H. Madison L
Kylen T, John K
Ms. Jenny Wilkinson, Logan W., Morgan T., Lily J

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