Milldale Baptist Church – Life-Altering Encounters

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By Jaci Marino
Milldale Baptist Church, now home of Milldale International Ministries, may have begun in a modest farm house on 16 acres of land, but has currently flourished into a ministry that touches the world.
The first service, August 5, 1963, started with 15 people. Milldale Baptist Church has grown to impact more lives than its founder, Jimmy Roberston, had ever imagined. 
Located in Zachary/Pride (which is easily accessed by the Central community) this church is a home to one of the largest on-going church camp ministries in Louisiana.
Pastor Jimmy’s journey started with more than a mere dream of buying some land and throwing up a church. He had a bigger idea in mind; his vision was to see God do a supernatural work. He was a willing vessel with a servant’s heart, but he hadn’t ever dreamed of being a part of something this great.
The first Milldale Baptist Church camp meeting took place almost exactly one year after the church’s first service. Little did anyone know this would be a day that would confirm this ministry’s faith…. Indefinitely. 
They had a location and a tent; some would say that they weren’t prepared at all for what God had in store, but that didn’t stop it from happening. From all over Louisiana, and surrounding states, 500 guests arrived full of faith ready to see God move… and that is just what He did! There was a storm brewing in a neighboring parish that was moving in on their camp meeting, but they didn’t care. They knew they had a divine appointment with God that night, and nothing was going to alter that plan—not even a storm.
Seeing the rain approaching in the distance, they joined in prayer that God would redirect the storm. All 500 people witnessed a miracle that night, the storm simply began shifting away from their location, and just as planned, they continued their camp meeting.
Year after year, Milldale Baptist Church has continued to host their semi-annual camp meetings, and just like the first one, God fills the Church with his divine love and mercy. 
Jimmy Roberston “passed the torch” in May 2004 to Pastor Danny Greig, the church’s current leader. Being a member of Milldale Baptist Church since he was 16 years old, Pastor Danny Greig leads the church with a passion for Christ and a compassion for the people.
Visiting the church, you will find their worship services inspirational, faith-filled and spirit led. The entire Milldale journey can be found in the book titled, “The Milldale Story” written by Ron Owens with Judy Scoggins. For more information, please visit the church’s website at


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