A Different Sort of Christmas

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By Mia Freneaux
There are many alternatives available in Central to your run-of-the-mill, made-in-China, found-at-the-mall gifts.  Here are a few suggestions that are not only creative, but support our local businesspeople and keep the tax dollar in our city, where it benefits our citizens and our schools.
Inspire your loved ones' talent with lessons.  Guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, art lessons, cheering and gymnastics lessons, martial arts lessons, dance lessons, even cake decorating, are all offered by residents of our city. 
Pander to your loved ones' comfort with gift certificates to their favorite local spa, nail salon, or massage therapist.
Delight their tastebuds with a gift certificate to one of Central's amazing restaurants.  Did you know our restaurants offer seafood, steaks, Mexican, Italian, Greek, and Chinese cuisine?  What a huge variety!  And all here within our city boundaries!
Let them enjoy the fun with a gift certificate to one of our painting parties, or paintball, or horseback riding, or community theater productions.
Give them a Sweet Treat with a gift certificate to one of our bakeries or ice cream or frozen yogurt parlors or smoothie shops.
Let them choose their own present with a gift certificate to one of our local boutiques – you'll know it's the right color and size!  Our retailers offer everything from jewelry to clothing to shoes to artwork to home decor to computers and games to tools to makeup to floral arrangements!
Buy them a service: a year of lawn care or lawn design, pool upkeep, car detailing, house cleaning, house painting, or pet grooming or boarding.
How about something unique?  Our local photographers are ready to record memories with a family portrait.  Or you can call the Art League of Central and commission an artist to create a piece of original art. 
It is hard to believe that we offer such a variety of gifts here in our own town.  Check out your Chamber of Commerce directory – you'll find many ideas there and best of all, you don't have to travel, fight traffic, stand in long lines, and get impersonal service.  Our retailers and business owners are all ready to serve you on a first name basis!  Help them, help yourself, and let Christmas be a joyful, stressfree season this year.
On another note, if you're planning that big family get together, don't forget our reception halls, caterers, and those offering party supplies such as space walks.  Let others do the work for you and you'll really enjoy the holidays!

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  1. Oscar C

    November 22, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    great article. The names of as many as possble local area buisness,
    with thier services and contact info , should be posted on the chambers website and the cities website and city of centrals facebook page, AND even a mail out would be a good marketing idea,

    another idea would be those small signs put up every where that read.
    shop Central first,or money spent here tends to stay here.


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