Central Families Fundraise with Light Displays

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Two Central families are putting on Christmas light displays as fundraisers for local causes.  The Rivan family is raising funds for a young child with kidney failure.  Check out their light display at 16215 Stubbs Road. 


James Hohensee has a beautiful animated light show for Christmas this year.  His home at 12625 Sullivan Road (across from the new school complex) is featuring an 18 minute long show, with 6 different songs.  To keep traffic moving, James has built a parking lot.  Signs show the way.  
    It takes lots of time to create the show.  “We build all of the elements in the display from the smallest tree to the largest 26’ tree. all of the controllers are hand built. Then the sequencing begins. It takes 6-8 hours to sequence just one minute of show. All of this takes place months before Christmas,” says James, “Our display has over 75,000 lights and 600 computer controlled channels.”  Turn your radio to 105.9FM to hear the music that goes with the light show.  The Hohensee family have decided to support the Central Community Assistance Foundation (CCAF) with their display, asking those coming to see the lights to bring donations for this great cause.  A donation box and a guest book can be found in the toy guard shack on the property.  Come enjoy a bit of Christmas and help someone out as well!

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