City Council Meeting Tomorrow at 6

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There will be a City Council meeting this Tuesday, December 13 at 6 PM at Kristenwood.  The public is welcome to attend.  The agenda is as follows:
The rules for conducting such public hearings are as follows:
1) In compliance with R.S. 42:14(d) and Ordinance 2011-8, members of the public will be allowed 
to speak on any item upon which a vote is to be taken that is included on the agenda. The 
applicant will speak first for a period not to exceed 10 minutes. Other proponents will speak next, 
then the opponents. Each speaker will be allowed not more than three minutes. The speakers are 
requested to limit their remarks and to avoid duplication in their presentations.
2)  The proponents will be allowed three minutes for rebuttal.
3) Each councilman will be allowed a maximum of five (5) minutes to express his views on any one 
subject without interruption from the other members upon initial consideration and five (5) 
minutes for rebuttal.
I. Preliminary Business
1) Call to Order
2) Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call
4) Approval of the minutes from the November 22, 2011 council meeting.
II. Unfinished Business
III. New Business
1) Mayor’s report and presentations.
2) Introduction of the following item(s) (with public hearing to be held at the  January 10,
2012 council meeting).
3) Public Hearing and action regarding the following instrument(s):
     a) A resolution canceling the December 27, 2011 council meeting.  (By Council Member Washington)C
     b) A resolution to authorize participation in the Department of Transportation and Development’s 2011 Transportation Enhancement Program for construction of sidewalks on the east side of Sullivan Road and on the south side of Wax Road and to provide for related matters.  (By Council Members Moak and DeJohn)
IV. Zoning Cases
(1) Introduction of the following item(s) (with Public Hearing to be held at the January 10, 2011 council meeting):
a) RZ-3-11 Rezoning.  This property is located at 14455 Wax Road, Suite A, on the north side of Wax Road near the Sullivan Road intersection in Sections 8 and 68, T-6-S, R-2-E, GLD, EBR, LA.  The applicant is proposing to rezone from C-2 (Heavy Commercial) to C-AB-1 (Commercial Alcoholic Beverage  District One) for a fullservice restaurant.  (Applicant:  Yuwen Zheng, Nagoya Central Inc.)
(2) Discussion and action regarding the following case(s):
V. Other Business
(1) Public Comment
* Restricted to items not on the agenda.  A Public Comment Request to Speak Card must be turned in to the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting in order to be considered. Public comment is limited to 10 speakers with three minutes each.
(2) Announcements
(3) Adjournment

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