Pride in Our Community

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By CHS Student Landon Disedare

I have lived in the city of Central my entire life, and I have seen how it has changed drastically over the past few years. As soon as Central became its own community, the amount of productivity, construction, and overall improvement has increased tenfold at least. Our city has multiplied in size and in population recently, and every single person here seems to share the same trait. All of the people in the city of Central are full of a sense of pride in the community, from the great schools, to the smaller businesses, to just about anywhere in the city. So many people are proud of living here and it is a simply wonderful community to live in.

A lot of people say that we are only going to continue growing, and that is true. Central will continue to grow larger over the years. Our sense of pride will never waver though. I have asked several people in the community what they believe will happen to Central if we keep going at the rate that we are going. My favourite answer was, "Even though Central may continue to grow, we will all share that neighbourly kind of friendliness with everybody in the community. The current citizens, whoever decides to come and go, and our younger generations to come, will always be welcome to our city."

It makes me so happy to know that we can live in such a closely knit community despite there being over 30,000 people who live here. Local businesses such as David's Tiger Express, Gayle's Halmark, or even Oak Point market are all very important parts of our community, and we know and love the owners, employees, and everyone who is associated with the business. The feeling is mutual, however. I checked in with employees from several shops in the area, and they can all agree that it is the consumers and people who frequently visit their stores that keep them up and running. It's interesting how in a place like this, the stores depend on the people, and the people depend on the stores. It's an endless cycle of business, and that shows just how prosperous we are here.

That's just the business aspect of this area though. The students of Central's many schools from Bellingrath Elementary School, up to Central High School are all actively involved in the community. A lot of people here love being recognized for helping out around town, but they enjoy the fact they have accomplished something positive even more. "From football games, to parades, or any other community event, there are always masses of people there. I love helping out or taking part in these things because it gives me the opportunity to be seen and make people happy. Everybody wins in these situations when somebody does something nice in the community." says one student from the Central area.

Isn't it amazing that so many people want to further increase the prosperity and happiness we currently have? It all has to do with the friendliness and kindness that we show plenty of around here. So many great things here make for a homely and quaint place where we can all live and work happily with one another. So let's all help to improve our city even more, so that the people of future generations can enjoy the same peace and feelings we have here today. 

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  1. Mia

    December 20, 2011 at 6:09 am

    Great article! Hope you’ll consider writing more!

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