2012 Occupational Licenses Due

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Submitted by the City of Central
All renewal notices for 2012 Occupational Licenses for all businesses, including home-based occupations, in the city of Central have been mailed to all businesses on record.  Licenses not renewed after March 1, 2012 will be considered delinquent with interest and penalties to be accumulated.   Any business whose physical address is located within the city of Central is required by law to pay an annual Occupational License, with only certain exceptions.  If you have questions regarding your Occupational License, please contact Mindy at 262-5000 or visit the city’s website at and go to the Licenses & Permits page to download a form if you have a new business that is not yet registered.
If you received a notice, but your business is no longer operating, please let Mindy know so that your business can be removed from the master list.   Please allow up to three weeks for your new Occupational License certificate to be mailed to you.  The law requires that all businesses post their Occupational License in a place visible for public viewing.

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