The Loop, Christmas, and LSU Football

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An Editorial by Dave Freneaux
So it is Christmas and LSU will soon be playing for the National Championship, but what do those things have to do with the Baton Rouge Loop?  Simple…it’s all about huddles and presents.  Let me explain.
LSU’s defense will stand at the line of scrimmage and wait as Alabama huddles and talks about what play to run and how they will try to gain yardage.  They will break the huddle and as they line up over the ball LSU will try to guess whether it is a run or a pass and who will get the ball.  Imagine now that Alabama invites Tyrann Matthieu to join the huddle and help call the play.  Alabama surely will not do that, but the Capital Area Expressway Authority will.
Why should the City of Central denounce the loop?  We now know that there can be no toll road through Central without our approval, so why not join them in the huddle and see if they will call a play we like?  Instead of passing a resolution condemning the Loop, why not ask for a seat on the Board of Directors of the CAEA?  From there perhaps Central could influence a route for the toll road through less developed areas of the city which could attract businesses, build infrastructure, and provide much needed tax dollars to support our growing schools.  I am not saying Central should approve a toll road, but I am saying that Central should request a seat at the table and see what the possibilities are. 
So what about those Christmas presents?  We will probably each get at least one gift this year that we really don’t want.  Who really wants a neon green clip-on tie?  Smile, say thanks for the gift, then go to Walmart tomorrow and return it.  No one says you have to wear it!  And so it is with the Loop.  It is a fact  that Central needs more roads, wider roads, or both.  It is also a fact that Central does not have the money to build the roads we need.  Now along comes the CAEA with a present all wrapped up with a bow on it.  I say let’s unwrap it and at least look at it.  If it is a neon green clip-on tie, don’t wear it.  If we like what we see in the box, Merry Christmas!  And, if we at least go sit at the table and help the CAEA pick out the present, it might be that perfect road we always wanted, complete with improved traffic flow, infrastructure, and tax dollars to educate our children.
For the record, I am personally supportive of roadway additions and improvements which preserve the character of the Central community while alleviating traffic, improving our infrastructure, and broadening our sales tax base to support our City and School System.  This is neither an endorsement nor a rejection of the CAEA Loop project, it is simply an encouragement to consider all possible solutions and to choose wisely.

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