Christ to the Family Ministries Helps Families in Nicaragua

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Christ to the Family Ministries is pioneering a new work in Nicaragua.  On the side of a mountain in beautiful Nicaragua sits a poor squatter’s village known as Los Chirinos.  The children look like any other children of the world – beautiful, bright-eyed, full of life.  There are differences, though.  Many of them haven’t eaten in a day or two.  Many of them are in rags.  Some have no clothes at all.  The families are tightly knit, with as many as 8-10 family members may live in one small hut.  These rough dwellings are constructed of the crudest materials, having mostly thatched roofs and usually no more than supports and maybe one to two walls.  There are no beds, no bathrooms, no refrigerators, no tvs, no phones, etc.

Christ to the family Ministries is the evangelistic ministry of the Michelli Family of Central.  So, what is this local family ministry planning to do in this impoverished area?  Their purpose is two-fold.  First, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a people unfamiliar with Him.  With no church and a faith mixed with old native superstition, these wonderful people need to hear the truth of Jesus Christ.  Second, educate the children so they have the opportunity to have gainful employment.  In the school, the children will have Bible, English, and Math classes daily.  They will also be fed – every student, every day.  Rice and beans will also be distributed to families weekly during the Michelli’s time there.  Educating children takes time, so Christ to the Family plans to go to Nicaragua several times a year to invest in these children and their families. You can help! 

Please join Christ to the Family Ministries at the Central Branch Library on Saturday, February 4th, 2012, from 2-4 for a casual time of sharing the Lord’s work.  There will be information on how to get your family, church or organization involved as well as testimonies, pictures, music and FUN for the whole family!! 

Acts 1:8 – Central is our Jerusalem!!

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