Victory Student’s Petition Earns Day Off for Championship Game

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Submitted by Cheryl Averette

Before the Christmas holidays Will Aaron, an 8th grade Victory Academy student, approached Principal Sue Cashio about the possibility of dismissing school for the BCS Championship game. He was told that she would consider it if he were able to get a petition with at least 500 signatures requesting the day off. He actually got over 600 signatures from students, parents, and staff members. He even took his plea to Channel 9 news and was aired on T.V.  As a result from this determined LSU fan the students of Victory Academy had the choice of staying home on Tuesday with an excused absence to recover from the game. Even after the loss, Will and his buddies are still behind the Tigers and are looking forward to next season!

Left to right: Luke, Anthony(gold shirt),Tanner F.,Grayson(hat on backward),Will Aaron(center),Landon,Chandler(gold shirt),Chris(white), Tanner T.(purple hat)

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