Loop Resolution Does Not Protect Central: Just the Facts

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By Dave Freneaux

Tuesday night Central Council Members Messina, LoBue and Washington passed a non-binding resolution disapproving the Loop. In an effort to separate fact from misinformation, here are some verifiable truths about the resolution.

You may have heard that this resolution is Central exercising its option to say “No” to the Loop.  UNTRUE. FACT: After the Loop Authority selects proposed routes for a toll road, and after they hold a public meeting on the issue, Central can THEN accept or reject the building of a toll road through any part of Central. This resolution is premature and DOES NOT protect Central.

You may have heard that the resolution was only against a toll road through the middle of Central.  UNTRUE AGAIN. FACT: There are two proposed toll road routes that touch Central. The northern route skirts the north boundary of the city and would cross the very north end of Blackwater and Joor Roads just several thousand feet inside Central’s City limits. Many in Central are encouraging the Council to consider this as possibly good for Central. The resolution passed by Council Members Messina, Washington and LoBue opposes the northern route as well.

The resolution itself makes the claim that the project is “overwhelmingly disfavored by the citizens of Central.” COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTABLE. FACT: No vote or poll has been taken to support that claim. It is further not possible that the public could reasonably be asked for an informed opinion on the Loop when Council Member Messina himself did not know the state law behind the Loop when he introduced the resolution.

The resolution makes the claim that the Loop “will likely transect the City of Central”. UNTRUE ONCE MORE. FACT: The only way the Loop can cut through the middle of Central is if the City Council approves such a plan.  The only way that can happen is if three Council Members vote to make it happen.

You may have heard that passing this resolution was necessary to protect Central from the Loop.  UNTRUE ONE LAST TIME.  FACT: Central is protected by State Law. The Law firm of Jones Walker represents the Loop Authority and is in agreement with Central’s City Attorney that Central will, in due time, have the right to accept or reject any toll road construction in Central.

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