Loop Resolution Premature

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By Dave Freneaux

The Central City Council has passed yet another non-binding resolution.  Central citizens spoke out 2 to 1 asking the City Council to do their homework before making decisions.  Most of those pleading with the Council not to act without first researching the issue were Central’s young voters who are becoming increasingly aware and involved.

When this resolution to disapprove of the Loop was introduced by Council Member Messina in November he was unaware that Central will eventually have the legal right to accept or reject any proposed toll road through any part of Central. Since Central Speaks made the Council and the public aware of this protection in State Law, many citizens are now asking the Council to do better research before taking a stance on this issue.

Almost all of the citizens who urged the Council to table the motion until they fully understood the issue also stated that they were neither for nor against a toll road through some part of Central. They did, however, send a very strong message to the Council that they were opposed to decisions being made with insufficient research. Council Members Louis DeJohn and Aaron Moak seemed to hear that message and opposed the resolution. Council Members Messina, Washington and LoBue voted for the resolution in spite of the call for better research.

This Loop resolution was similar to November’s non-binding resolution to dictate a new seating arrangement for Council meetings. Neither resolution carries any force of law.  The seating arrangement resolution was also introduced by Council Member Messina and was passed by the same 3-2 vote of the Council with the support of Council Members Washington and LoBue. The seating arrangement called for in the resolution was never implemented.

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